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OEM commissioned work


Since February 2016, Auto Tissue Berlin GmbH has established a new field of business: As part of OEM our company now also offers the following services: The preparation and decellularization of xenogeneic tissue, customized laser-cuttings, histological stains and general contract productions.

Processing, decellularization and fixation of biological tissue

Preparation of biological tissue

We manufacture biological implants based on a patented decellularization method  by which cellular components are removed from the connnective tissue matrix. Various types of tissue can be decellularized by individual adjustment of the patented process. We offer you individual preparation and decellularization of the tissue of your choice. Furthermore we provide different fixation-methods.

Individual Laser-cuttings

Laser for manufacturing individual laser-cuttings

Make use of the opportunity offered by Auto Tissue Berlin GmbH of manufacturing individual laser-cuttings out of organic or synthetic materials.

Through the use of an innovative laser, clean and precise cutting edges can be achieved.


Histologic and Immunohistochemical stains

MOVAT-Pentachrom-staining of a native bovine carotide

Auto Tissue Berlin GmbH offers numerous staining methods in a modern laboratory for histology. These methods include Alcianblue-Nuclear fast red-staining, DAPI-staining, Elastica-staining according to vanGieson, Giemsa-staining, Hämatoxylin-Eosin-staining, Masson-Goldner Trichrom-staining und MOVAT-Pentachrom-staining.