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For general questions regarding the Matrix P plus N and the Matrix Patch, or questions about  decellularization, you can contact autotissue directly: 

patients, general questions Dr. Christoph Schmitz
doctors, buyers  Heidi Sommerlad


International distributors

In the following you will find our international distributors:


Bosnien Bosnia und Herzegovina BIOMEDICA
England England Auto Tissue Berlin GmbH
Finnland Finland Fenno Medical Oy
Frankreich France Auto Tissue Berlin GmbH
Italien Italy Artech
Kroatien Croatia BIOMEDICA
Österreich Austria BIOMEDICA
Polen Poland Auto Tissue Berlin GmbH
Russland Russia Auroramed
Schweiz Switzerland Mussler Medical Supply
Serbien Serbia Denta BP Pharm
Slovakei Slovakia Medline Medica Slovakia s r.o.
Slovenien Slovenia BIOMEDICA
Türkei Turkey Venart Biomedical
Ungarn Hungary BIOMEDICA