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Indications for use of Auto Tissue implants

One out of a 100 new-borns is born with a heart defect. Some of these symptoms stay unnoticed until they cause adverse effects in adulthood. Sometimes the damage is so severe, that surgery has to be performed directly after birth.

If the pulmonary heart valves function is effected in a manner that the body is not supplied with enough oxygen-high blood, the pulmonary heart valve has to be replaced. With our decellularized biological implants the number of growth related reoperations, especially for young patients can be reduced. Furthermore patients receiving a biological heart valve have an improved quality of life, in contrast to mechanical heart valves no antikoagulation therapy is needed. For this reason a natural sporty lifestyle is possible.

Please contact your cardiologist to find out if one of our biological implants correspond to your indication.

possible indications

  • congenital heart diseas
  • aquired heartdefects
  • defects of the pulmonary heart valve
  • defects of aortic heart valve (in the context of ROSS Operation)